Needles & Cartridges

Tattoo Needles

Traditional Tattoo Needles

We currently supply Ultra Supreme Traditional Needles.  If any specific needle you would like to purchase please let us know! 

Tattoo Cartridge Needles

Cartridge needles sit in a housing mechanism called a cartridge, only exposing the needle while you are actively tattooing. When it comes to your cartridge needles, it’s important to choose the best. Our collection includes a variety of styles and sizes from top-of-the-line brands such as Kwadron, and Cheyenne.

Types of Tattoo Needles

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Magnum Tattoo Needles

Magnum needles are popular tattoo needles for shading. With a design utilizing two rows of needles, magnums pack the most ink.

Bugpin Tattoo Needles

Bugpin needles are commonly used for detailed tattoo work like portraits and fine lines. These needles have thinner pins and are tightly connected to give you maximum control for intricate details.

Round Tattoo Needles

Round needles come in round liners or round shaders are an ideal choice for line work, color filling, or shading.

Round Liner Tattoo Needles

Round liner needles contain closely packed together needles in a circular shape to form a round tip and are a versatile staple in many artists set up.

Round Shader Tattoo Needles

Shading needles contain multiple needles on a single bar, sat next to each other in a staggered, straight, or curved line. With more spacing between needles compared to round liner tattoo needles, round shader needles are ideal for shading.

Flat Tattoo Needles

Flat needles are grouped in a straight line to tattoo multiple bold, clear lines in a single stroke. Turn to flat needles when shading shapes with straight lines.

Popular Tattoo Needle Brands

At Ultimate Tattoo Supply, we stock only the highest-quality brands of tattoo needles in the business so you can be confident you’re buying from the best.


Kwadron's tattoo needles are trusted by professional tattoo artists around the world due to their high quality and reliability. Kwadron understands that tattoo artists have unique needs, so they work hard to provide excellent customer service


Cheyenne tattoo cartridges are thoughtfully designed, and precision manufactured, to help ensure longevity, quality, and consistency. The wide range of sizes and groupings allow extensive creative freedom.