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Innovative and patented Cheyenne Safety Cartridges have been setting new standards since 2007. And as always, "Manufactured in Berlin" indicates a high level of quality. Their Safety Cartridges were developed for you to experience perfect precision in exercising your craft as a tattoo artist.
Cheyenne Cartridges allow you to exchange needle cartridges quickly, safely, and easily. Your tattoo machine is ready to go in seconds, but you can also switch effortlessly between the different configurations while you're working. The clever Cheyenne Safety Cartridge-System ensures that the needles have much less freedom of movement at the tip. What this means for you is no wobbling, no slip-ups – nothing but focus and precision while working.
Hygiene is their number one priority. The refined design of their Safety Cartridge prevents the ink from running from the needle tip onto the grip or further into the machine. The ink goes beneath the skin and nowhere else. |They've had this one-of-a-kind membrane patented, making their Safety Cartridges a testament to innovation, hygiene, and safety.

Their sterilization process and hands-on quality inspections by experienced experts guarantee a long shelf life of up to five years. You can switch between your favorite configurations without worrying about the hygienic aspects. Their Safety Cartridges are sterile, individually packaged, and intended for single-use – safe and easy!


  • Precise needle configurations
  • 0.30mm diameter needle
  • Membrane style system
  • Medical grade plastic
  • Exceptional ink flow
  • Cheyenne Cartridges: Comfort through easy handling
  • Tattoo needles come in sterile and hygienic packaging
  • Travel-friendly
  • Ready-to-use
  • Color coded caps for easy identification of needle groupings
  • Transparent tip: instantly recognize what color of ink is being used
  • 20 Cartridges Per Box