Toruk the Prima Donna Macaw

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Size - 10 inches


Ultra-soft mink polyester fur
High-Quality certification

ALL ABOUT Toruk the Prima Donna Macaw

Hailing from northern Florida is Toruk, a macaw with a personality as colorful as her feathers. An Aries to a “t”, she’s always running at 100mph and looking to shoot first and ask questions later. She means well but is a hurricane with a beak that you simply can’t take out anywhere--especially anyplace with a “you break it, you buy it” policy.

Fortunately she’s a cheap date. Slice up some bananas, toss in some peanuts and you’ve got the keys to her heart.

Speaking of dating, she’s not one for commitment. In fact she’s had an on-again-off-again thing with Tyler Nolan for years--one day she’s there and the next she’s flown the coop. Such is life with someone who goes where the wind takes them.

Brave is one of the first words we’d use to describe Toruk. Terrified of flying, at age 18 she finally convinced herself to conquer her fears and get on a plane. Now she’s a Diamond-level member of United Airlines with access to the Club Lounge and has been to every continent except Antarctica. A nice feather in the cap.

She doesn’t say much in the way of words (in fact so far we’ve only heard her say “I love you” and “Look at this pretty parrot,”) but she doesn’t mind repeating herself. Often dozens of times.

Plus she’s pretty clear with her body language. It’s hard to misunderstand what she means when she starts furiously pecking at your eyes.

If someone headstrong and independent won’t send you flying, Toruk is the bird for you.