Thrash the Punk Rocker Dino

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Size - 13 inches

Premium printing and embroidery
Ultra soft mink polyester fur
High-Quality certification

ALL ABOUT Thrash the Punk Rocker Dino

Introducing Thrash the Punk Rocker Dino, a true enigma with a quirky twist! Don't be fooled by his punk rock exterior; it's a certified miracle that he can even grip a guitar, let alone shred on it. From the moment he cracked out of his eggshell, Thrash has been on a relentless mission to prove that you don't need talent to be a punk legend!

Born with a short fuse and even shorter arms, Thrash is known for his fiery temper. But here's the catch: his temper isn't fueled by a punk-rock attitude; it's born out of sheer frustration because, well, he's not exactly a virtuoso on the guitar. In fact, he kind of sucks at it. But hey, he looks the part, and he's convinced that's all that matters in the punk world.

When Thrash takes the stage at Tatto Zoo, be ready for a show like no other. He might not be a musical genius, but he sure knows how to put on a show that's unforgettable. His punk anthems are a hilarious fusion of rage and rhythm, and his onstage tantrums are a sight to behold, which usually end in him trashing the stage.

Thrash may not be the best, but he's definitely the best at being the worst, and that's worth every note of his comically chaotic set!