Tattoo Lovers Care - Tattoo SPF 50 Sunscreen

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Use Tattoo Lovers Care Mineral-Based SPF 50 Tattoo Sunscreen to protect your tattoo from harmful UV rays that will destroy pigments and fade your tattoo faster than you can say “touch-up”! When your tattoo is no longer cloudy or achy; but the need for UV Protection never stops! Get your Sunscreen today and lets fight premature aging of skin.



All of my clients come back and buy massive tins of this stuff… If you are in my industry, I highly recommend using Tattoo Lovers Care. It is the best product ever, and I will never use anything else.”

–Shalyn Gamba, Cosmetic Tattoo Artist


As your tattoo heals and ages, so too do its needs. This is why our product line extends past aftercare and into “forevercare.” Each product addresses a specific stage of tattoo care. Before you get inked, you can make sure your tattoo is clean with our foaming soap. While your artist is giving you the tattoo, they can use our glide to reduce redness and swelling while increasing your endurance in the chair. Right after you get inked your skin needs the soreness reduction and intense healing power of our salve. Once those scabs form, you can find itch relief and powerful moisturizer in the cream. At every stage of healing, your tattoo has unique problems. That is why we tailored unique products for every step of the way.h