Sandy the Sloth

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Size - 15 inches

Ultra-soft mink polyester fur
Tattoo artist designed tattoos
High-Quality certification

ALL ABOUT Sandy the Sloth

Meet Sandy, the Seductive Sloth, who's definitely not your average sloth. While most of her kind take things slow, Sandy's all about fast-tracking love. She's a die-hard romantic on the lookout for love, and she doesn't discriminate when it comes to species.

Sandy's got a quirky habit – she's always hitting on everyone. It doesn't matter if you're a sloth, a lion, or a penguin; Sandy will try her luck with a flirt or a pickup line.

Here's the thing: Sandy has a soft spot for husky guys. She can't resist their charm, and they often find themselves at the receiving end of her affectionate advances.

But here's the twist: while Sandy's eager to share her wisdom on how to snag a man, her own love life doesn't always pan out as expected. It's like the love guru who can't catch a break in her own romantic pursuits.