Precision - Coated Piercing Needles

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One Box of 100 16g 2" Sterilized Precision Coated Piercing Needles


Supply your shop with the most durable, precise piercing needles by Precision. A custom emerywheel is used to cut the tips, which is a factor in why Precision has sharper needles than other manufacturers. Between the materials used to make them, the manufacturing process, and the tests run to ensure quality, we guarantee that you won’t look elsewhere for other needles. Our coated needles have been heat-coated with DuPont DryFilm Coating, which eliminates the need for any additional lubrication. It is widely accepted as the standard in the medical industry for needles and staples.



Needle Gauge: 16g (~1.2mm)

Needle Length: 2" (~50mm)

Made with Surgical 304 Stainless Steel

Packed in a dust-free environment

Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide gas

Heat coated with DuPont DryFilm Coating

Price per one box of 100 needles