Keanu the Extreme Koala

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Size - 14 inch

Designed in partnership with tattoo artist Alfonso Corrales

Ultra soft mink polyester fur
High-Quality certification

ALL ABOUT Keanu the Extreme Koala

A fearless adrenaline junkie, Keanu the Koala has spent his life living on the edge. Powered by a diet consisting entirely of eucalyptus leaves, he has climbed K2 and bungee jumped off the Hoover Dam. He’s wrestled alligators and swam with sharks.

Because when you sleep twenty hours a day, you really need to make the other four count.

Of course, he wasn’t always this way. Back when he was just a little joey, Keanu suffered from pretty much every phobia you can think of, and some you’ve never heard of (his “landmarkphobia“ kept him as far from the Sydney Opera House as possible). In fact, he never left the safety of his tree.

That is, until a violent storm snapped his tree branch in half, sending him falling 30 feet. Once you’ve shattered every bone in your body and spent six months in an iron lung, what’s there left to be afraid of?

Now he lives on the edge, surfing the biggest waves, diving from the tallest cliffs and investing in the most speculative stocks. Scientists think his high-octane blood could be a new source of jet fuel. He’s up for anything–as long as he’s back for his 1pm bedtime.