Inkeeze - Jet Black X Inkeeze Tongue Depressors

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  • Made using eco-friendly bamboo material
  • Eliminates container contamination when transferring ointments
  • Individually packaged and EO Sterilized
  • Dual branded and debossed with both Jet Black and Inkeeze logos to enhance grip
  • STERILIZED - Box of 100. Our collab introduces eco-friendly, sterile, tongue depressors. These depressors are made using eco-friendly bamboo material, and are perfect for transferring ointment from large containers without contamination. Using bamboo is more sustainable than traditional hardwoods due to its regeneration rate of 3-5 years (compared to 40-50 years with traditional hardwoods). Even the packaging is made of recycled material! Each tongue depressor is individually packaged and EO sterilized with dual debossed logos to aid in gripping.