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Hulk Pro Series Super Strength Stencil Bond

Hulk Super Strength Stencil Bond, developed by tattoo artists for tattoo artists, takes stencil application products to the next level. It’s the industry’s newest leading product and it boasts that it’s “so strong, the problem isn’t keeping it on – it’s getting it off!” Hulk Professional Super Bond is an all-in-one stencil transfer formula that eliminates the need for both lotion and spray to work effectively. It is designed to work with carbon sheets, Spirit™ paper, and skin markers, so it can be the go-to stencil product. Hulk Super Strength Stencil Bond is 100% nontoxic, vegan approved, and safe for use on all skin types. 


  • Size: 240ml (8oz)
  • Designed to work with carbon sheets, Spirit™ paper, and skin markers
  • All-in-one – eliminates need for lotion and spray
  • Crisp and sharper stencils that will hold
  • 100% Non-toxic; vegan approved
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Made in UK; EU certified and compliant
  • Price per one Hulk Super Bond