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This Marshall Bennett Signature Gray Wash Set is upgraded from the original formula, and now uses the pigment found in Eternal Ink’s Motor City Blackbird. The result is a gray wash series with simplified values based on Marshall Bennett’s desire to take his signature set “back to the essentials.”

This listing is for the 1oz Marshall Bennett Signature Series Gray Wash Set but sold signally. The set comes as 4 1oz bottles with distinct value breaks, including 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80% gray wash inks, though this listing is for the colors sold separately.  Buy the full set here!

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"After Marshall Bennett experimented with our Motor City Blackbird ink, he suggested adopting the Blackbird pigment for his gray wash set. Together Eternal Ink and Marshall reworked his set. “We are taking this set back to the essentials and simplifying the values,” said Marshall Bennett. The new gray wash set uses the Blackbird ink pigment and is divided into 4 stepped values of black: a 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80% value. With just 4 value steps and very distinct 20% value breaks, this is a highly efficient gray wash set."

Current Available Size(s) - 1oz