Eternal Ink - Lining Black

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Rely on Eternal Tattoo Ink for vibrant and long-lasting results. This vegan-friendly ink offers a smooth application, even flow, and a wide array of colors. Each ink is crafted using organic ingredients, deionized water, and hamamelis water. The ink is carefully packaged in sealed, medical-grade bottles to ensure its longevity.

Lining Black is Eternal Ink’s original lining black formula. A time-proven lining black.

  • 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, and 8oz bottle (Available)
  • Color: Lining Black 
  • Vegan-friendly non-toxic tattoo ink
  • Pre-dispersed and manufactured in Michigan, USA
  • Sold as one bottle

Eternal Ink Full Color Chart
Eternal Ink Value Color Wheel
Eternal Ink Chroma Color Wheel