Dynamic - Greywash Set

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This set of Dynamic greywash tattoo ink was formulated after years of testing and formulating. Each greywash tattoo ink contains the Dynamic #00 mixing solution, which is made with the purest hospital-grade water (filtered, distilled, and UV sterilized). The formula also contains witch hazel for visible smoothness and healing effects on your clients’ skin.

This set is comprised of 4 greywash inks, ranging from #20 up to #80 (lightest to darkest), plus a 4oz bottle of #00 mixing solution.


  • Size: 4oz
  • Pre-dispersed, premium tattoo pigment
  • Great for blending and shading
  • Made with #00 Mixing Solution; contains purest, hospital-grade water
  • Contains witch hazel for smoothness and soothing effects
  • Made in the USA
  • Price per one set of 5 bottles

Set Colors:
No. 00 Mixing SolutionUltra pure mixing solution so that you can thin each wash to even more precise custom shades
No. 20 Greywash: Thin, light greywash
No. 40 Greywash: Smooth, mid-tone greywash
No. 60 Greywash: Deep, silky medium greywash
No. 80 Greywash: Darkest, deep full-bodied greywash