A Pound of Flesh - Synthetic Canvas 28"x40" - 3mm Pink Tone

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28” x 40” Synthetic Pink Toned Tattooable Surface with 3mm Thickness by A Pound of Flesh

The A Pound of Flesh 28” x 40” Canvas is the largest one available. Create a large-scale tattoo showpiece that takes up so much wall room, potential clients won’t be able to look away. Offering 3 whole feet of artistic opportunities, with dimensions measuring 28” long by 40” wide, this canvas is a blank, tattooable possibility. Create something to cherish, display, sell, or pique the interest of future clients. Shop big and add this massive canvas to you’re A Pound of Flesh portfolio today.

Please Note: These synthetic canvases vary slightly in thickness by 1–2mm.



  • Dimensions: 28” (L) x 40” (W); 3mm thick
  • Net Weight: 7.5lb
  • Manufactured from silicone and rubber-based materials
  • Ideal for large showcase or display
  • Made in the USA
  • Stencil Application Tips:
  • Step 1: Apply isopropyl alcohol to a sheet of paper towel. Then wipe the tattoo site with your paper towel to clean it.
  • Step 2: Soak another sheet of paper towel with isopropyl alcohol. Then run a Speed Stick deodorant directly on the alcohol-soaked paper towel.
    Hygiene Tip: Never apply the Speed Stick deodorant directly to the tattooable surface.
    Step 3: Rub the Speed Stick deodorant and alcohol mixture directly onto the tattoo site.
    Step 4: Apply your stencil evenly. Put pressure on it for about 5–10 seconds.
    Step 5: Peel away your stencil carefully.
    Step 6: Blowdry your freshly applied stencil for 5–10 minutes. Then let it dry fully overnight.